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Regain your smile the same day!

ALL-ON-X is an advanced dental technique used to restore the function and aesthetics of teeth that cannot be saved.

This is a full-arch prosthetic restoration that allows the dental arch to be fixed on just a few implants. This technique was developed to minimize the need for multiple implants, which can be costly and more invasive.

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It is the most advanced option for patients who have lost teeth due to periodontal diseases, injuries, or other reasons and seek a durable and aesthetic solution.

Following the implantation of the implants, the patient receives a temporary bridge on the same day, allowing for an immediate improvement in aesthetics and functionality.

The final bridges used for patients are made of zirconia. This is the most modern, biocompatible material, continuously improved from year to year. Furthermore, it boasts high durability and strength.

Why FullArch-On-X? 

Most cyrkonowy

In our clinic, we utilize the most advanced digital solutions. Digital impressions are taken with a scanner, and for registering the positions of implants, we use the most precise system in the world, based on photogrammetry, which is the PICdental System.

With the help of "flags," we're able to digitally transfer the location of implants from the patient's mouth to the Exocad software. This allows our prosthodontic technicians to immediately start designing perfectly fitted teeth for each patient.

It's a simple, fast, and non-invasive method. Thanks to our in-house prosthetic laboratory, every patient receives teeth on the day of the procedure.

Uśmiechnięta pani stomatolog przy biurku Pacjent z flagami w ustach umożliwiającymi przeniesienie umiejscowienia implantów do programu

Why choose FullArch-On-X?

Stability and Support

All-On-X employs 4 to 6 implants, meaning it's stable and provides better support for a zirconium dental bridge. This translates to increased self-assurance, comfort while eating and speaking.

Minimal Need for Bone Grafting

All-On-X minimizes the need for bone grafting through precise implant placement. This makes it an option for patients with limited jawbone availability.


By precisely fitting the bridge to the shape and color of the teeth, All-On-X can provide a more natural and aesthetic effect. It involves digital treatment planning and designing.

Flexible Solutions

All-On-X is used for simple and more complex cases, including patients with a limited number of natural teeth or jaw alignment issues.

Longevity and Durability

All-On-X can be long-lasting, allowing patients to enjoy the results for many years after the procedure.

Quality of Life

Improving tooth function and aesthetics through All-On-X can significantly enhance the quality of life, enabling comfortable eating, smiling, and self-assurance.


  • During the first visit, we assess the oral cavity. We perform examinations such as X-rays, computer tomography, and digital impressions using a scanner to precisely plan the treatment.
  • Next, we proceed with the dental implantation procedure*.
  • On the day of the surgery, we use a temporary bridge supported by implants made in our digital prosthetic laboratory located in our facility.
  • By using teeth (the temporary bridge) on the same day after their removal, we avoid regenerative procedures and their associated costs.
  • The temporary bridge is replaced with the final zirconium bridge three months after the procedure.

*The number of implanted implants depends on the individual needs of the patient and the condition of their jawbone.

Price List:

  • Tomography 300 zł
  • Zirconium bridge supported by 4 implants 40 000 zł
  • Zirconium bridge supported by 6 implants50 000 zł

The price includes the implantation procedure, temporary PMMA bridge, and final zirconium bridge.

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Our surgeons and prosthetists are experts in All-On-X. Your health and a beautiful smile are our priority!

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All-on-X is an innovative solution that makes tooth loss a thing of the past.

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