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Clinic Equipment

  • The radiology laboratory is equipped with a camera - with which it is  possible to take panoramic, tele (lateral head), and CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) images.

Thanks to a special medical printer, we can take images on film.

Two independent X-ray point-of-view cameras with RVG radiovisiography enable us to 

minimize the radiation dose by almost 90%, which means that instead of one image taken in traditional technology, we can take up to ten in digital technology with unprecedented quality.

  •  Zeiss Opmi Pico Mora dental microscope - the world's leading optics manufacturer.

Almost 90 per cent of the procedures in our clinic are performed under magnification, making it possible to significantly improve the quality and precision of treatment.

  •   VDW Reciprock endodontic and B&L root canal filling machine system.

  • Blue dental laser from German company  SIRONA with three diodes: blue, red and infrared. It is designed for surgical procedures, soft tissue collagenation in the oral cavity, whitening and biostimulation.

Laser applications:
- Periodontology (support of conventional therapy, removal of bacterial lesions);
- Implanotolgy (uncovering of implants);
- Endodontics (removal of bacterial lesions in the tooth root canal);
- Cerec CAD/CAM systems (to help accurately determine preparation margins when designing and fabricating ceramic restorations);
- Disinfection (removal of mucosal lesions in the oral area);
- Whitening;
- Biostimulation of healing;

  • PIC Camera from PIC Dental System, an innovative system that records the position of implants using photogrammetry. Simple, fast and the most accurate in the world. With the PIC Abutments, the absolute position of the implants can be captured and fully digitally transferred to the CAD system.

  • AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master

is the latest innovative sandblaster introduced by EMS. A unique solution for use in caries, periodontal disease prevention and maintenance treatment. The device features exceptional ergonomics, high precision, simplicity of maintenance and compliance with the highest hygiene standards. AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master is designed to the highest standards of performance, safety and comfort. AIRFLOW® Plus sand removes biofilm, deposits and fresh calculus supra- and subgingival, reducing the need for hand and power tools. No more erasers, brushes or paste. The EMS PIEZON® NO PAIN with PS tips allows minimally invasive scaling to be carried out wherever it is needed. The procedure is carried out with temperature-controlled irrigation and activated by a wireless foot control.

It simultaneously removes biofilm, deposits and partially mineralised plaque from natural teeth, prosthetic restorations and implants. Cleans and polishes in a single procedure.


The PERIOFLOW® nozzle has revolutionised the way we carry out implant prevention and care today. Thanks to this flexible nozzle and the unusual design of PERIOFLOW®, we have the possibility to minimally invasively treat periodontal pockets, implant surfaces and interdental spaces in a way that does not damage soft or hard tissue.

  • The sandblasting machine with unparalleled AIR FLOW® MASTER PIEZON characteristics.

The original AIR-FLOW® therapy and the Piezon® method are now available together, guaranteeing both complete and effective preventive treatment, as well as the greatest comfort for the patient.

The AIR-FLOW Master Piezon provides NO PAIN scaling and AIR-FLOW® supragingival, gingival and subgingival sandblasting in both shallow and deep pockets.

Sandblasting with PERIO sand can be carried out relatively frequently without the danger of losing enamel or cementum which occurs with conventional sandblasters.

Advantages at a glance – Air-Flow® and Air-Flow Perio therapy:

- Excellent sandblasting; reliable, fast and effective.
- Stress-free and comfortable for the patient (no curettes - no noise!).
- Gentle use of kinetic energy.
- Non-invasive for epithelium and connective tissue.
- No scratching of the tooth surface.
- Effectively removes biofilm from even the deepest pockets, permanently reduces the bacterial count.
- Prevents tooth loss (periodontitis) and implant loss (peri-implantitis)
- Uniform, swirling mixture of air and sand and rinsing with water thanks to the patented PERIO-FLOW tip.
- Prevents soft tissue emphysema.

  • New model of the EXTARO 300  operating microscope by CARL ZEISS

A revolutionary device that creates a  new, higher standard for operating  microscopes. What's more, this new,  higher level is today the pinnacle of  engineering from CARL ZEISS, a leader in the segment of optical medical devices dedicated to, among other  things, dentistry.

  • 2 Labomed Prima DNT microscopes with LED lighting

  • Piezotome LED ultrasonic dental surgery system, which makes treatments more precise and healing much faster.

  • Benex Control Root Extraction System. A state-of-the-art system for atraumatic tooth extraction (maximally reduced tissue disruption).

Benex Control Root

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  • Dentsply Sirona's Primescan intraoral scanner achieves exceptional results and takes digital impression taking to the next level.

  • 2 Medit 700 intraoral scanners.

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